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Welcome to the Bend JOY Project!

The Bend JOY Project is a challenge, a conversation, an opportunity, an experiment and a mission to bring joy in meaningful ways to keep our community happy, strong and vibrant.


Get a Message of JOY Delivered Daily


Get messages of JOY delivered to your mobile phone daily. It’s our way of sending — and spreading — little doses of JOY to you and the community.

Why This? Why Now?

It feels like everyone is weary of anything but the best humans can offer. Heck, we’d settle for mediocre. How can we notice and build habits that make our community happy, welcoming and friendly?

Like most ideas, the Bend JOY Project started small, wondering how we keep Bend kind. Conversations about a crazy kindness initiative kept getting bigger, as more people chimed in saying “I want to be part of that.”

We need one another, so why not share joy in line at the supermarket, in your neighborhood, on the Parkway, on the trail? It’s pretty simple, and to our community it could be simply wonderful.

Create It.

Think of something that brings you or someone else joy. Kind words, generous actions, small deeds…they all count.

Do It.

Do that thing, and capture it. Keep noticing and generating joy.  What if the Bend JOY Project could touch and inspire goodwill in every single person in our community.

Share It.

Keep it going. Share the moments that make you happiest. Share in person, on the mountain, at the dinner table, in the halls and online #bendjoyproject.

Keep it going. What if the Bend JOY Project could touch and inspire goodwill in every single person in our community, building a movement of joyful acts?

Take Action Now!

Shop the JOY Store

All proceeds from items sold go back into creating more JOY in our community. Shop now.

Share the JOY

Contribute to a shared album of joy. Hashtag your photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #BendJoyProject for inclusion.

Share Cards

There are currently 50 different action-oriented versions floating around town. Find your favorites and share them in person, through social posting using #BendJoyProject, or anonymously in a covert fashion.

Click on the share card of your choice below and share it now with a friend!

Words of JOY

“…I just want to thank each and every person on the team that brought this project to Bend. It fed my spirit many times in recent months and had an impact on all 3 of my girls. We did need these positive messages in our town and I hope that the effort will become a regular part of the rhythm of Bend in some way. Please keep me on your info list. I would love to help with this project in the future if more hands are needed!”
Angie Cole, Instructor at COCC

“Love the magic you are spreading! I first saw your cards at Jackson’s Corner east and you brought a smile to my face reminding me to be grateful. I’m excited to share your message and spread joy. Just wanted to say thank you and for helping during difficult times to remind me that joy is at the heart of happiness! Keep up the good work Joy spreaders!!!” — Michelle C.

“I saw a few of your cards at my workplace and I love the idea of sharing good positive moments in our community.”