New Share Card Bookmarks Are Here!

OK, we're pretty excited about this year's Share Cards.  They're fun, they're inspirational AND they're bookmarks! We've even introduced a new member to the JOY family to go along with Obe and Happy. Meet Jeremiah, the most joyful bullfrog you'll find on this side of the deep blue sea. There's 50 bookmarks in all, each [...]


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Thank You to Everyday Heroes

The third year of the Bend JOY Project is off and running, and we couldn't be more proud of the support our kindness campaign has received. Each year the JOY Project looks at new ways to spark ideas about JOY and gratitude here in Bend. This winter, we're really excited about some new materials designed [...]


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Generate JOY This Winter with the Bend JOY Project

Generate JOY This Winter with the Bend JOY Project The folks behind the Bend JOY Project are back at it again this winter, engaging in a community-wide conversation about generosity, kindness and gratitude. Create it. Do it. Share it. That’s the message of the Bend JOY Project. And based on the initial feedback over the past [...]


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