Generate JOY This Winter with the Bend JOY Project

The folks behind the Bend JOY Project are back at it again this winter, engaging in a community-wide conversation about generosity, kindness and gratitude.
Create it. Do it. Share it. That’s the message of the Bend JOY Project. And based on the initial feedback over the past two years, Bend is more than ready to again embrace this crazy cool kindness initiative. Have some JOYful things to add? Feel free to comment below…


Here are some words of gratitude from fellow JOY generators:

“Finally, someone gets it! Success for Bend!”


“Love the magic you are spreading! I first saw your cards at Jackson’s Corner East and you brought a smile to my face reminding me to be grateful. … Just wanted to say thank you and for helping during difficult times to remind me that joy is at the heart of happiness! Keep up the good work Joy spreaders!!!”


“This is absolutely so fantastic and SO BEND! 🙂 … Thanks so much!”


“I LOVE THIS PROJECT!!!!!!!! Is there anyone in your group who might produce some of these in Spanish? I would help but am not bilingual, just an ally.”


“Love, love this way! Cosmic Depot would like to help any way we can. We can hand stuff out. We are all really super joyful. There is room for more. Let me know how we can assist in this kindest of ventures. It is just BEAUTIFUL.”


“I just want to say thank you for the Joy Project and all your good intentions behind it. You nailed it! … Thank you for bringing some smiles
and JOY.”


“I love your project. I was sitting on my roof chipping ice dams, when I heard the sounds of children playing at the nearby elementary school, Bear Creek. It
brought joy to my ears and heart.”